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Michelle practices holistic fitness — and nothing is off-limits. She’s an adventure-seeking yogi who’s always looking to push the edge and explore boundaries. When you train with Michelle, be prepared to step away from your comfort zone and learn to cultivate awareness of your body and mind. Michelle’s training focus is constantly expanding. She offers kettlebell skills development, bodyweight exercises, gymnastic skill training, yoga, mobility, nutrition coaching, and recovery. She’s a fashion lover, a nutritious food enthusiast, and a proud wifey and mama to twins.

How to Find Time to Workout as a Working Mom

Finding time to work out and stay on top of your health is a challenge for working Moms, even on the best of days — I get it! I also know that adopting some form of movement practice is possible for every Mom with the right approach and understanding. With your super busy schedule, it […]

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“Since training with Mike at EverFlex for the past couple of years, my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically.  I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own and continue to see both physical and mental gains at the gym.

Mike is always willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with. His knowledge on nutrition is admirable and his dedication to helping people is commendable. Mike’s sessions are always fun, and he continues to mix up every training session, so it never gets boring.”

Lisa Atkins

“Best trainers I have ever had the privilege to train with! I have been training with Mike for the past 7 years, after searching for a specialist that could help with active recovery of a sport related injury. Not only did Mike get me back to normal and active again, but he has helped to optimize my fitness and overall health. Work outs are always fun and challenging, tailored to the achievement of personal goals. Mike is knowledgable and passionate about his field, strives to be current with fitness trends and personal education, and genuinely cares about the well being of his clients. Thank you, Mike, for keeping me healthy, active and in a state to enjoy my many pursuits!”

Carrie Ferguson

“I’ve trained with Mike since before EverFlex started up and he’s dedicated to making sure that your training is specific to your fitness levels and needs. He gives diet and lifestyle suggestions that are easy to integrate into your daily routine and is incredibly knowledgeable and personable.”

Trevor Hunt

“Overall Mike and his company EverFlex are awesome. Not only do they always have a positive and encouraging attitude, but are able to personalize the sessions to fit my needs. They are always able to provide in depth explanations of each of the exercises, and a back story on their importance! Mike definitely makes the gym a better and less intimidating place!”

Taylor Brown

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