5 Best Massage Guns on Amazon to Alleviate Sore Muscles

A therapist using a massage gun on a client to work out muscle pain

Massage guns have exploded in popularity in the fitness industry.

With many of the same benefits as deep tissue massage, such as increased blood circulation and muscle tension relief, massage guns are a great choice to incorporate into your active lifestyle.

Athletes use massage guns for post-workout muscle recovery and to accelerate warm-ups by using an intensive but surface-level massage to prepare muscles for the workout.

Aside from sports and gym sessions, daily routines can strain and overwork muscles, resulting in a lot of unwanted aches and pains.

Office workers, parents, health care workers, teachers, and laborers could all benefit from quick access to a powerful at home massage gun — while saving time and money as an alternative to professional massage treatments.

Let’s dive into the best massage guns out there!

A woman standing up, wearing a pink sports bra and grey leggings using a massage gun with her right hand on the right side of her mid section

What Are the Best Massage Guns?

Amazon has hundreds of percussive massage gun options. Selecting the best massage gun for your needs is tricky and time-consuming.

Battery life, percussion per minute (speed settings), ergonomic handle, changeable attachment heads for different muscle groups, and an adjustable arm for hard-to-reach areas are all features to consider when purchasing a massage gun based on your needs.

Here we conducted extensive research to provide you with the five best massage guns on Amazon.

1. Theragun PRO – Best High-End Massage Gun

Theragun pro massage gun


Relieve tight muscles with the powerful Theragun PRO from industry leader Theragun. This top-of-the-line, commercial-grade deep muscle treatment includes a personalized, guided app experience to help reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation.

The rotating arm and exceptional battery life of the Theragun PRO makes it a professional-grade recovery tool choice for professionals and serious athletes.

It is one of the most powerful massage guns on the market and includes 60 lbs. force without stalling — a powerful, potent dose you won’t find with low-amplitude, high-speed devices. This massage gun includes four adjustable arm positions designed to reach any area of the body.


  • Rotating arm and ergonomic multi-grip
  • QX150 motor with QuietForce technology
  • 300-minute total battery life
  • 6 easy-to-clean foam attachments
  • 4 unique arm positions designed to create ideal angles to reach any area of the body


  • $645.00

Bottom Line

If you want to splurge on the best massage gun on Amazon, this is the choice for you.

While pricier than other options, the Theragun PRO has a number of features that other models don’t: the rotating arm, powerful percussion, and foam head attachments (which are typically plastic) and quiet operation. This is a great long-term investment.

2. Hyperice Hypervolt GO – Best All-Around Massage Gun

Hyperice Hypervolt GO massage gun


Hyperice is a leader in massage guns and the brand’s various models receive consistently high ratings from professionals and online reviewers.

The Hypervolt GO is the newest and most affordable massager. It is a great mid-range massage gun choice, from everyday tension to post-workout pain.

The Hypervolt GO was built for portability, so you can easily take it with you to the gym or on vacation.


  • Simple design that’s easy to use
  • Super lightweight and easy to transport
  • Compact, ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand and easily in a gym bag
  • QuietGlide® technology ensures a near silent operation
  • Weighs just over one pound and has 2.5+ hours of battery life per charge
  • Three massage speeds
  • Comes with two adjustable attachments


  • $199.00

Bottom Line

While the Hypervolt GO has only two attachment heads and is not smart device compatible, this massage gun is a great option for those that value portability in tandem with a powerful massage gun.

3. Theragun Mini Massage Gun – Best Portable Massage Gun 

A man using a Theragun Mini massage gun on the top of his right quad


The Theragun mini is arguably the best mini massage gun on Amazon.

It is ultra-portable making it a convenient option for getting quality relief on the go.

Like the full size theragun, the mini is known for its quiet operation and powerful proprietary brushless QX35 motor with QuietForce Technology.


  • All-New 4th Generation
  • Quiet muscle treatment any time
  • The ultimate balance between power and size
  • Includes a soft carrying case
  • 50-minute battery life
  • Smooth, ergonomic grip is easy to hold while reducing strain on hands and wrists
    • 750, 2100, and 2400 percussions per minute


  • $244.07

Bottom Line

The Theragun Mini massage gun is a great compact choice for those that value portability and want entry-level access to top brand Theragun. 

The Theragun Mini is surprisingly strong for a small unit, but its downfall is the price; other full size models are less expensive.

4. Toloco Massage Gun – Best Massage Gun for Athletes

Toloco massage gun


The Toloco massage gun is one of the best massage guns on Amazon due to its low price and extensive range of attachments — 15 heads. It is quiet with a long range battery, up to 6 hours, which makes it a high-quality budget option. 


  • 5 replaceable massage heads for all parts of the body
  • 7 speed levels (low, medium, high) bring different intensities
  • Ergonomic silicone handle design
  • Reasonable price point


  • $119.99

Bottom Line

The Toloco massage gun is an excellent product for the price with a strong motor, and tons of choice with all the different attachments. While the massage is very strong, don’t expect the same performance as a Theragun or Hyperice. This is a great budget option with impressive battery life.

5. – Best Budget Massage Gun

Vybe Percussion massage gun


The sleek Vybe Percussion massage gun is another entry-level option that is compact and packable with 8 practical attachment heads. Its stainless steel aesthetics make it stand out from the other massage guns in terms of design, all while being a wallet-friendly option with a powerful motor. 


  • Percussive force of 33 lbs and 12 mm amplitude
  • 8 attachment heads to target different muscle groups and experience the best 24/7 massage
  • A 24 V brushless motor merges high-power performance with low noise levels 
  • 60 decibels makes it ultra quiet


  • $99.85

Bottom Line

The Vybe Percussion Massage Gun is a budget-friendly, aesthetically pleasing option. It’s stall force is lacking in comparison to other high-end options, but is a good choice for most users. 

The mechanism for inserting and removing attachment is not user-friendly. This isn’t much of an issue if you didn’t have to take off the head every time you put it in the carrying case. Otherwise, this is a great entry-level option. 

Can I Use a Massage Gun Everyday?

Massage guns are a complementary tool to your active lifestyle to help increase blood flow and alleviate sore muscles. These magic tools come in a variety of portability and strength options to give you customized self-massage therapy. 

Many athletes use massage guns daily for recovery treatments and to target a specific muscle group for activation before workouts. 

It is perfectly safe to use a massage gun daily. Just listen to your body — if you have deep tissue muscle soreness that’s aggravated by the massage gun, back off for a day. Otherwise, a massage gun is a great tool to relieve muscle soreness, relieve lactic acid build up, so you can continue doing the activities you love. 

Wrap Up

The best massage gun is one that meets your lifestyle, percussive needs, and budget.

The endless percussive massage gun choices on Amazon can make choosing the right product overwhelming.

We have distilled the choices into five great options, from high-end industry leaders to lesser known brands and options. A high-end option can be a great long-term investment, but more budget-friendly options can get you quick access to a great deep massage treatment. 

No matter your budget or needs, you’ll find a great option in this list to relieve muscle soreness and get back to the activities that you love and enjoy. If you need help in the recovery arena, come see our experts at EverFlex. Get in touch today!

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