Best electrolyte drinks according to a dietitian

What is The Best Drink to Replace Electrolytes? Our 8 picks

As a dietitian, I’m frequently asked about the best ways to replenish electrolytes and stay properly hydrated. With the popularity of electrolyte powders rising, knowing if you actually need one can be confusing.  While water will always be my first recommendation, there are situations in which electrolyte sports drinks can be beneficial. If you engage […]

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Refreshing watermelon juice in a clear glass

Does Watermelon Juice Have Electrolytes?

Watermelon juice is a delicious, sweet way to quench your thirst. But thirst-quenching is not the only thing it offers. Watermelon juice is also full of electrolytes to help your body rehydrate and replenish naturally.  Unlike processed sports drinks with added sugar, watermelon juice is all-natural, while still being full of electrolytes. However, watermelon juice […]

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Man confidently lifts EZ Bar at the gym

How To Deadlift With EZ Bar—The Pros & Cons Explained

The gym is packed, and all the barbells are taken. You have limited choices on equipment, but you need to get in deadlifts for your workout session of the day—that’s where EZ bar deadlifts come in to save the day! Though straight bar deadlifting is the most common variation, there are different types of deadlifts […]

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Three bottles of electrolyte water, lined up in a row.

The 6 Best Electrolyte Waters in 2023: RD Approved

For athletes and active individuals who lose electrolytes regularly, water with electrolytes can be another way to boost your electrolyte intake throughout the day and ensure you are getting enough electrolytes.   Unlike sports drinks, electrolyte powder, and electrolyte tablets, these waters don’t contain added sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or colors. They’re simply water with […]

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An alarm clock with the text "Does Pre-Workout Break a Fast?" to the side.

Does Pre-Workout Break a Fast?

Pre-workout is a category of supplements that contain a cocktail of ingredients that all serve different purposes to ultimately improve athletic performance. Because of this, there are a lot of questions that arise from consumers from “what are the ingredients?” to if it expires. Fasting is a popular diet method to lose weight, manage blood […]

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Variety of salt types showcased on wood spoons

Best Salt for Electrolytes—Rehydrate & Replenish Naturally

Think back to your high school chemistry class for a moment. Do you remember what salt is? If you said sodium chloride, you’re correct.  Now can you think of a few of the key electrolytes? If your answer included sodium and chloride, again, you’re correct, A+.  Sodium chloride, what we know as salt, is composed […]

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Strong man lifting a heavy barbell

Deadlift Bar Jack—What is It, How to Use It, & Our Top Recommendations

A deadlift jack, also known as a barbell jack, is a nifty piece of gym equipment that can be extremely helpful in conserving energy and saving time for lifters.  Racking and unracking weights off barbells, then lifting the barbell to slide off the weight plates is taxing and can drain the energy needed for lifting. […]

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A photo of a stiff bar with deadlift bar vs stiff bar text.

Deadlift Bar vs Stiff Bar – What’s The Difference? 

Whether you’re new to the fitness world or want to know more about the differences between the deadlift bar and stiff bar, it’s essential to understand the functionality of the gym equipment you’re using as it can affect technique, weight loads lifted, and progress!  Stiff bars, also called power bars, are widely used in powerlifting […]

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A man demonstrating the top position of a deadlift. He has lifted the barbell to his hips, keeping his back straight and his head up.

12 Trap Bar Deadlift Alternatives To Add To Your Workout Routine

Finding a trap bar deadlift alternative for your workout routine can feel overwhelming with the number of exercises out there competing for first place. However, not all exercises are created equal.  To replace hex bar deadlifts, the alternative must incorporate the same muscle groups. In this case, the trap bar deadlift engages the posterior chain […]

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