A woman walking holding her hands on the top of her head, catching her breath from her run on an outdoor pathway between trees during a sunrise.

Walking vs. Biking | Which Path is More Effective?

Walking and biking are some of the most popular and effective forms of exercise. Both activities offer numerous health benefits, including increased calorie burn, improved muscle strength, and weight loss.  However, there are some key differences between walking and biking that can make one of these cardio exercises more suitable for you and your fitness […]

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A racked barbell loaded with plates, with a black bar pad positioned in the middle

5 Best Barbell Pads for Hip Thrusts & Squats in 2023

Hey, fitness fanatics! As I’m sure you’re well aware, having the right equipment is crucial for making the most out of your workout routine. But, let’s face it; some essential pieces of equipment tend to be overlooked, despite their importance for weightlifting exercises like squats and hip thrusts. Enter the barbell pad, a piece of […]

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The man bending his knees, feet shoulder-width apart, performing a deadlift the barbell touching the ground

How Much Does a Deadlift Bar Weigh?

When you walk into a gym, it can be overwhelming seeing all the different types of equipment available, including all the types of barbells. Some are long, some come in other various shapes, and they seem to all weigh differently! Knowing how much weight you’re lifting is an important factor when measuring your progress during […]

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Black infographic with picture of muscular man using X3 Bar in background, text displays “what is the x3 bar”

X3 Bar Review: The Future of Fitness or Just Another Gimmick?

The X3 Bar is the latest fitness craze that has everyone sweating — and not just because of the workout.  This magical piece of equipment claims to work every muscle in your body, anytime, anywhere. Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, we put it to the test and have some X3 bar reviews […]

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A light green shaker bottle, a phone, a pair of pink dumbbells and an orange skipping rope resting on a a blue yoga mat that is almost fully rolled up

The 7 Best Pieces of Portable Exercise Equipment

If you’re always on the go, it can be hard to get an effective workout in and make the most of your workout program (or at least easier to create an excuse as to why you’re skipping the gym). But it doesn’t have to be difficult! Portable exercise equipment is a way to help you […]

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A group of two men and two women talking outside wearing exercise clothing preparing to go on a run together

70 Juicy Fitness Tips in 2023: Advice from a Trainer

Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is a common goal for a lot of people. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just embarking on your journey, there’s always room for growth and new techniques to explore.  In this article, we delve into the most current and effective fitness strategies to assist you in accomplishing […]

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A personal trainer watching his client do pushups on TRX equipment in a gym

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer?

Fitness can be an intimidating scene, especially if you don’t have previous training knowledge and experience, and a personal trainer can help guide you through the process. Look at hiring a personal trainer as an investment in you — for your body and your health. Personal training isn’t necessarily something that you will need forever, […]

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A woman running up a trail towards the top of a mountain on a summer's day

Does Trail Running Build Muscle?

When you switch out road runs for trail runs, you add elevation and other natural elements that challenge you in different ways. The body interprets these changes in terrain as an overload training stimulus. But, is this change enough to build muscle?   Initially, the answer is yes. When you run on rugged terrain, you engage […]

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A male personal trainer assists a female athlete while she performs a dumbbell bench press to ensure she achieves proper form throughout her movement

Do I Need a Personal Trainer to Build Muscle?

Deciding it’s time to make a change in your lifestyle can be a daunting feat. Where do you start? How often should you work out? How can you achieve your weight and muscle goals? If you find yourself asking these types of questions, then hiring a certified personal trainer could be a great idea to […]

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A mom laying down on a yoga mat, performing an ab exercise as part of her fitness plan built by her personal trainer

How to Find Time to Workout as a Working Mom

Finding time to work out and stay on top of your health is a challenge for working Moms, even on the best of days — I get it! I also know that adopting some form of movement practice is possible for every Mom with the right approach and understanding. With your super busy schedule, it […]

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“Since training with Mike at EverFlex for the past couple of years, my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically.  I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own and continue to see both physical and mental gains at the gym.

Mike is always willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with. His knowledge on nutrition is admirable and his dedication to helping people is commendable. Mike’s sessions are always fun, and he continues to mix up every training session, so it never gets boring.”

Lisa Atkins

“Best trainers I have ever had the privilege to train with! I have been training with Mike for the past 7 years, after searching for a specialist that could help with active recovery of a sport related injury. Not only did Mike get me back to normal and active again, but he has helped to optimize my fitness and overall health. Work outs are always fun and challenging, tailored to the achievement of personal goals. Mike is knowledgable and passionate about his field, strives to be current with fitness trends and personal education, and genuinely cares about the well being of his clients. Thank you, Mike, for keeping me healthy, active and in a state to enjoy my many pursuits!”

Carrie Ferguson

“I’ve trained with Mike since before EverFlex started up and he’s dedicated to making sure that your training is specific to your fitness levels and needs. He gives diet and lifestyle suggestions that are easy to integrate into your daily routine and is incredibly knowledgeable and personable.”

Trevor Hunt

“Overall Mike and his company EverFlex are awesome. Not only do they always have a positive and encouraging attitude, but are able to personalize the sessions to fit my needs. They are always able to provide in depth explanations of each of the exercises, and a back story on their importance! Mike definitely makes the gym a better and less intimidating place!”

Taylor Brown

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