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Glutamine Benefits For Gaining Muscle & Reducing Recovery Time

There are so many glutamine benefits for gaining muscle and speeding up recovery to aid individuals seeking to enhance their progress to reach their health and fitness goals.  Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid the human body naturally produces, making it one of the nonessential amino acids. During times of stress and critical illness, […]

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BCAAs With Glutamine—Benefits For Muscle Building & Recovery

Amino acids play an important role in the human body, supporting organ function and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle.  Three specific essential amino acids (EAAs), called branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), are especially important in processes of muscle protein synthesis. Glutamine, a nonessential amino acid, is another amino acid that supports these processes, helping to […]

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EAA and BCAA supplements side by side

EAA Vs BCAA Supplements: What’s The Difference & Which Is Better?

So you want to build muscle but aren’t sure if you should take amino acid supplements? After reading this article, you’ll know the difference between essential amino acids (EAA) vs. branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and which supplement will allow you to maximize your lean muscle protein synthesis.  What are Amino Acids? I’m sure you’ve heard […]

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10 Best Amino Acids for Muscle Growth & Recovery

Bodybuilding takes time, energy, and dedication. There’s nothing worse than not seeing the progress you’ve strived so hard to achieve or suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness that hits you hard and lingers, preventing you from going all out the next gym session.  Amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids (EAAs) and three branched-chain […]

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A powder milk scoop and capsules arranged next to each other, symbolizing the comparison between BCAA and creatine supplements.

BCAA vs Creatine Supplements: Increase Muscle & Performance

Navigating the supplement market can be incredibly difficult and overwhelming. Between balancing your workout schedules and the rest of your busy life, you already have enough on your plate!  We created this blog post to provide an overview of two hot supplements—creatine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)—to help you determine which product, or combination of […]

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Bro Splits: Building More Muscle for Bro’s

You want to make the most out of your time in the gym, but choosing the right exercise program can be a daunting task. With so many programs out there, how do you know which one would work best for you?  If your goal is to build muscle, you’ve likely heard of a “bro split” […]

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A diagram of muscle protein synthesis at a cellular level

What Is Muscle Protein Synthesis?

Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is the science behind building muscle, and we’re going to break down this magnificent process for you in this article.  At a cellular level, protein synthesis is the process by which proteins are built. Proteins are needed for various functions throughout the body, but we will be focusing on this process […]

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The man bending his knees, feet shoulder-width apart, performing a deadlift the barbell touching the ground

How Much Does a Deadlift Bar Weigh?

When you walk into a gym, it can be overwhelming seeing all the different types of equipment available, including all the types of barbells. Some are long, some come in other various shapes, and they seem to all weigh differently! Knowing how much weight you’re lifting is an important factor when measuring your progress during […]

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A man wearing a weighted vest, standing with his arm resting on a piece of equipment in a gym

The 4 Best Weighted Vests for Working Out in 2023

Looking to add extra resistance to your bodyweight workouts? Wearing a weighted vest could be your answer! Whether you enjoy cardio exercises like running, hiking, and walking, or strength training exercises like squats, push-ups, and planks, you can increase the intensity of your activity with the help of a weighted vest. Depending on how you’re […]

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Does Running Make Your Legs Look Bigger?

Does running make your legs bigger, or does it just burn calories? It’s one of those interesting questions that you get in the gym and everybody seems to have a different opinion on it. So we decided to look a little more into the science of it all to help answer the question once and […]

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