SWOLY Creatine Gummies Review

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Though creatine has been on the fitness supplement scene for a while, creatine gummies are a new hot commodity. The team at Swoly understood where the market was at and created a delicious and effective formula for their creatine gummy that is “science-driven, gym bro-approved.”

Creatine is both a popular and effective workout supplement, and for good reason. It’s associated with a number of benefits from muscle growth to protecting cognitive health. Creatine gummies may help some users take creatine regularly to maximize its potential. 

Our Swoly creatine gummy review will delve into the specifications of this product, the pros and cons, and provide some background on creatine supplementation. 


Most supplements have both active and added ingredients. Normally, I’d say the shorter the ingredient list, the better. Active ingredients are the substances that bring about the intended effect. Any added, or “filler,” ingredients are there to make the product taste better and maintain its shape.

Discover the muscle-fueling ingredients in SWOLY's Creatine Gummies - Supplement Facts

Active Ingredient: Creatine Monohydrate 

Creatine monohydrate is the key active ingredient in this product. Creatine is one of the most well-researched sports supplements there is, and while there are other forms of creatine, creatine monohydrate comes out on top as being the most affordable and tested for safety and efficacy. 

The International Society of Sports Nutrition has set recommendations for creatine supplementation to enhance athletic performance. Based on extensive research, they determined the best dose for a wide range of healthy active people is 3-5g daily. 

Swoly’s creatine gummies have four grams of creatine per serving, which falls under these guidelines and will suffice for the majority of people looking to reap the benefit of creatine. 

Added Ingredients: Added Sugars and Stabilizers 

  • Sucrose 
  • Dextrose 
  • Maltodextrin 
  • Natural and artificial flavors 
  • Stearic acid 
  • Citric acid 
  • Carnauba wax

Each gummy contains 0.5 grams of sugar, totaling 2.5 grams of sugar per serving. The American Heart Association recommends that men consume no more than 36 grams of sugar per day and women no more than 25 grams daily. So, if you follow a generally healthy low-sugar diet, the amount of sugar in the gummies shouldn’t cause you to consume excess sugar. 

Daily Dosage and Consumption Routine

As mentioned above, the serving size is five gummies per day. This will ensure you get an adequate daily dose of creatine at four grams per serving. The most important aspect of taking creatine is to take it every day to maintain intramuscular creatine stores. 

As with most creatine gummies, Swoly’s gummies are not sufficient to use for a creatine loading dose, so if you prefer a loading phase, you may want to start taking gummies only after you have pre-loaded with a different creatine supplement.

However, a loading phase isn’t actually necessary; a daily maintenance dose will allow you to fully saturate your muscles with creatine. It may take a bit longer, about 28 days, for muscles to be 100% saturated without a loading dose, but you will begin noticing results sooner than that. Once muscles are fully saturated with creatine, a 3-5g maintenance dose is all that’s needed. 

When timing your creatine gummy consumption, it’s most important to take them whenever is easiest for you to remember. However, older research suggests that taking creatine with carbohydrates and protein may help with absorption. Meaning, that a great time to take your gummies is with a pre or post-workout meal. 

Price Breakdown

A container of Swoly Creatine Mono Gummies will run you $29.98 for 150 gummies at the time of writing. Since each serving is five gummies, this means there are 30 servings in a container, lasting someone roughly a month if they take one daily dose (which is recommended). The company offers new customers $5 off their first order. 

  • 4g creatine monohydrate/serving 
  • 5 gummies/serving 
  • 30 servings/container 

Compared to other products on the market, this is a reasonable price for the amount of creatine that is in each serving. They don’t add any other active compounds to their formula that would drive up the price, meaning you get exactly what you’re after—creatine monohydrate in a delicious gummy bear form. 

Who is Swoly Creatine Gummies Best For?

Swoly’s creatine gummies can be used by anyone who wants a tasty and convenient way to take creatine for athletic improvement. In particular, they are great for those who struggle to take powdered supplements and those who struggle with habitually taking supplements due to lack of convenience. 

Creatine is especially beneficial for those who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet since their muscular creatine stores tend to be lower, considering most food sources of creatine are animal-based. 

Do Swoly Creatine Gummies Work?

Fingers showcasing touchability of Swoly Creatine Gummies

Creatine monohydrate has been deemed effective for healthy people through numerous research studies. Swoly’s gummies contain an evidence-backed dose, so there is reason to believe they are effective. 

Anecdotally speaking, customer reviews indicate visual changes in muscle and body composition after using Swoly’s gummies consistently. Creatine pulls water into the muscles leading to muscle hypertrophy, which may explain why many individuals notice results pretty quickly after taking daily creatine. 

They only work as intended when combined with a consistent resistance training routine. Meaning, you can’t just take the gummies every day without strength training and expect to see gains! 

Benefits of Creatine Supplementation

Exploring the Benefits of Creatine through a comprehensive list

Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that is mostly stored in our muscles. Most people naturally have 60-80% muscle creatine saturation. This means that with supplementation, most can increase their intramuscular creatine stores by 20-40%. 

Creatine is a popular supplement, particularly among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, for its various health and performance benefits. If you’re considering buying a creatine supplement, here are some key benefits you might find interesting:

  1. Enhanced Muscle Strength and Size: Creatine is renowned for its ability to enhance muscle strength. This is primarily due to its role in replenishing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy currency in muscle cells. This increased energy can lead to improved high-intensity exercise performance and, over time, can contribute to muscle hypertrophy (growth).
  1. Improved High-Intensity Exercise Performance: Creatine has been shown to boost performance in high-intensity exercises such as sprinting, weightlifting, and interval training. It does this by increasing the availability of ATP, which is used for short bursts of energy.
  1. Enhanced Recovery: Some research suggests that creatine can help reduce muscle damage and inflammation following intense exercise, aiding in quicker recovery. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes undergoing rigorous training schedules.
  1. Brain Health: Emerging research indicates that creatine may have neuroprotective properties. It could potentially improve brain function, especially in tasks requiring quick bursts of energy, like problem-solving or memory tasks.
  1. Safety and Accessibility: Creatine is one of the most researched sports supplements and is generally considered safe for most people when taken at recommended doses. It’s also readily available and relatively affordable compared to other supplements.
  1. Potential Benefits for Non-Athletes: While creatine is popular among athletes, non-athletes may also benefit from its supplementation. For instance, it could help improve overall strength and daily energy levels, which can be particularly beneficial for older adults.
  1. Support for Vegetarian and Vegan Diets: Since creatine is naturally found in meat, vegetarians and vegans can have lower levels of this compound in their bodies. Supplementing with creatine can help bridge this gap.

However, it’s important to remember that while creatine offers numerous benefits, it’s not a magic solution. Optimal results typically come from combining creatine supplementation with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Additionally, as with any supplement, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are taking other medications.

Potential Side Effects of Creatine

Though creatine is already produced by the body, any dietary supplement comes with a set of potential side effects. These are most likely to occur when taking high doses of creatine, for example, over 10 grams at once. Commonly reported side effects of creatine are:  

  • Bloating and/or weight gain: Swoly customers have specifically mentioned that this product doesn’t cause them to bloat much or “feel fat.” It is normal to gain a couple of pounds when taking creatine, especially if taking a loading dose. 
  • Increased thirst: This has to do with the fact that creatine draws water into the muscles. So, make sure to remain hydrated while supplementing with creatine. 
  • Stomach upset: Experiencing gastrointestinal side effects is more likely when creatine is consumed on an empty stomach. 

A study in athletes that lasted up to 21 months suggests that it is safe to take creatine daily in the long term. 

While the myth that supplementing with creatine causes kidney damage has been disproven, those with pre-existing solutions, particularly of the kidneys or liver, should discuss supplementation with their doctor prior to starting a new supplement. 

Where to Buy Swoly Creatine Gummies

Swoly creatine gummies can be purchased directly through Swoly’s website where new users can get $5 off their first purchase, upon the timing of writing. Only purchase dietary supplements online from trusted suppliers. 

Evaluating the Performance of SWOLY Creatine Gummies

I can’t specifically speak to the impact of creatine gummies on my workout performance, but I have taken creatine monohydrate in the past. I did not do a loading phase. I just took five grams of creatine daily, and I seemed to notice positive improvements in my exercise capacity.

I did notice a difference in my abilities in HIIT classes. It seems as though it took longer to fatigue, and my muscles weren’t as sore as I had anticipated them to be. Honestly, I did have trouble remembering to take my creatine, and it didn’t mix very well, so I took quick shots of it mixed with coconut water. It is for this reason that I think creatine gummies can be beneficial. 

Pros and Cons of SWOLY Creatine Gummies

SWOLY's delicious creatine bites - Pouring gummies from jar into the lid


  • Convenience 
  • Delicious taste 
  • Budget-friendly compared to other creatine gummies
  • Gluten-free
  • Free from other common allergens  


  • You have to take 5 gummies per serving 
  • Not suitable for a creatine loading phase 
  • Not certified or third-party tested 
  • Contains added sugars for flavor 

Summary: Swoly Creatine Gummies Review

This review highlights Swoly’s innovative approach to creatine supplementation. These gummies, containing creatine monohydrate, offer a convenient and tasty alternative to traditional powder forms. Each serving (five gummies) provides an effective 4 grams of creatine, aligning with the ISSN’s recommendations for enhancing athletic performance. While the gummies contain added sugars and stabilizers for flavor, their total sugar content is manageable within a healthy diet.

The gummies are ideal for individuals seeking a palatable and easy-to-remember supplement, including those on vegetarian or vegan diets who might have lower muscular creatine stores. The product supports improved muscle strength, benefits workouts that require explosive movements, and potentially aids in muscle recovery and brain health. 

Typically, most compounds in supplements can be consumed through a healthy diet alone. However, this is not the case for creatine, adding to its appeal as a fitness supplement. Of course, one should not only rely on supplements for enhanced performance. Individuals can reap the most benefit from creatine when combined with a well-rounded diet and workout regimen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do creatine gummies work?

There are no academic studies that have measured the efficacy of creatine in gummy form. However, there is a plethora of research that indicates creatine is an effective eugeroic aid, particularly when combined with consistent exercise. 

How many creatine gummies should I take a day?

The recommended daily maintenance dose for creatine is 3-5g. The amount of gummies in a serving may vary by brand. Five gummies is the serving size for Swoly creatine gummies, providing the user with four grams per serving. 

How much creatine is safe for the kidneys?

For healthy individuals with no underlying kidney condition, a maintenance dose (3-5g) of creatine is safe to consume for up to five years.  

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