How Does Creatine Increase Butt Size & Boost Performance?

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How does creatine increase butt size and boost performance? This widely used supplement in sports and fitness is touted for its magical benefits for promoting muscle growth and enhancing athletic performance. 

Quick Takeaway:

  • Adding creatine to your gym and supplement regimen is worthwhile, with this natural compound’s ability to increase strength and muscle growth, including booty gains. 
  • Many people incorporate creatine into their health and fitness routines to improve gains in and outside their workout sessions. 
  • Creatine promotes muscle growth, boosts athletic performance, and reduces body fat to encourage booty gains and desirable progress in body composition. 
  • Creatine supplements may provide other benefits beyond muscle growth like increased vertical jump and bench press strength. 

Down to Business – Does Creatine Increase Butt Size?

Many athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and everyday gym goers start taking creatine supplements because of all the hype around this naturally occurring substance and its benefits for promoting muscle growth. 

To put it plain and simple, yes, creatine can help you gain muscle to increase butt size. Adding this supplement to your diet before or after strength training workouts can help you achieve your fitness and physique goals. 

Quick Creatine Overview

Creatine is a compound in muscle cells made up of amino acids. It acts as an energy source and supports muscles in healthy individuals. 

Creatine, found in whole foods, can be consumed in protein sources of red meat or fish or plant sources like quinoa and legumes. Additionally, it is produced in the pancreas, kidneys, and liver of the human body. 

Creatine monohydrate is the most common form of creatine found in supplements. It has been widely studied and backed by research to promote benefits

How Creatine Can Boost Booty Gains

A survey on the transformative power of creatine for your booty
Dive into the creatine advantage with our insightful survey
Source: Everflex Fitness 2024

From our research, though 40% of responders do not take creatine, out of the 42 respondents who do take creatine, 60% said that they noticed muscle gains and performance improvements.

If you want bigger glutes, you must support the muscles in the glutes with a favorable supplement like creatine. This compound can enhance your results, including supporting lean muscle mass, reducing body fat percentage, and improving exercise performance. Find out more about how creatine can boost booty gains below! 

Supports Lean Muscle Mass & Growth

Creatine has been shown to increase muscle mass and support muscle growth during resistance training. Many individuals may be deceived, thinking they are hosting immediate gains from creatine supplementation. This is often due to water retention in muscle tissue, which causes a “pump” to make muscles appear bigger. 

The water retention from creatine typically goes away after a few weeks of supplementation. Even with this effect, creatine still promotes muscle growth to support gains and progress in and out of the gym.

This attribute of creatine can boost booty gains sooner rather than later, so you can savor the results of your hard work! 

Improves Exercise Performance

To achieve booty gains, strength training must be incorporated to encourage growth in this area. Creatine is a productive supplement that helps reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance to challenge muscle strength and encourage muscle growth. 

Poor exercise performance can result in less effective training that does not challenge the muscles to encourage growth. With the aid of creatine, exercise performance can be improved to support quality workout sessions and promote booty gains. 

Reduces Body Fat Percentage

Altering body composition by promoting weight loss in fat can be another productive benefit of creatine supplementation in supporting booty and muscle gains. 

Creatine’s ability to promote lean muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage can support a favorable body composition of maintaining muscle over fat for desirable booty gains. 

Creatine in Other Capacities – CrossFit & Calisthenics 

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There’s more to creatine than just booty gains. This supplement is used in many ways for its desirable benefits, like muscle growth and increased strength, and in different fields, including CrossFit, calisthenics, and sports. But how is creatine good for calisthenics?

The reasons crossfitters should take creatine are nearly endless in helping improve athletic performance for competitions. Widely used in sports nutrition and recognized by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, taking creatine can do more than build muscle size.

The Benefits of Creatine for Progress in Performance & Gains

Widely used for increasing muscle mass, creatine boasts all kinds of outstanding benefits for progress in gains and improved athletic performance. Here are more examples of how creatine can be a great addition to your routine for plausible goals outside boosting booty gains! 

Vertical Jump

In sports, finding effective supplements or methods for how to increase vertical jump with creatine is quite popular. One powerful way to promote improvements is the use of creatine. 

Based on dedicated research, creatine was discovered to enhance vertical jump while simultaneously increasing work capacity and power output. 


Widely sought out by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and fitness enthusiasts, how supplementing with creatine can boost your bench?

Creatine is an energy source, stimulating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, which is a cell’s most basic form of energy. This natural capacity of creatine aids performance and strength by boosting energy production to the muscles needed for heavier and more intense lifts. 


What about creatine and push-ups? Our research shows short-term creatine supplementation, which in this study was only a week, does not promote any improvements in push-up performance. 

Though this may be the case for the short-term, that does not mean that after more time supplementing with creatine, more improvements could be made in push-up performance. Long-term creatine supplementation was shown to promote benefits more than short-term supplementation. 


Does creatine help with abs, or does creatine make you lose abs?

Though creatine promotes benefits like reduced body fat and improved lean muscle mass, it’s critical to understand that creatine supplementation will not automatically give you abs. 

A lower body fat percentage is required for the abs, the abdominal muscles in the stomach, to show. A dedicated diet and gym routine must be incorporated to reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass to achieve this physique goal. 

How Long Will It Take to See the Results of Creatine?

Though water retention from creatine supplementation can be seen within the first week of taking creatine, it can take longer to see gains in muscle growth for booty gains or other fitness aspirations. 

Typically, it can take anywhere from 7-28 days to note results in energy levels for athletic performance. Muscle growth results from creatine supplementation can take about the same, though this can change depending on each individual. 

How to Take Creatine for Booty Gains

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If you want to maximize booty gains using creatine supplements, then you need to know how to take creatine for the best results. From when to take creatine to how much to take, continue reading to learn more below! 

When to Take Creatine

Currently, there is no solid research on when to take creatine for best results. Though there are some studies on this subject, there is some hearsay about the data validity due to contradicting training protocols, sample populations, and supplementation protocols. 

What to Take Creatine With

Creatine can be taken on its own or with food. No research has dictated greater benefits for creatine when taken with food or on an empty stomach. 

How Much Creatine to Take

A popular method used by fitness enthusiasts who take creatine and are looking to maximize gains and improve performance is called creatine loading

Creatine loading involves taking a larger amount than the maintenance dosage for a few days to maximize creatine storage in the muscles. Typically, during creatine loading, it is customary to take 20-25g of creatine split up into four or five dosages of 5g throughout the day. This method isn’t absolutely necessary to boost muscle gains, but it can be beneficial if you’re looking to promote booty gains or athletic performance quickly. 

For everyday maintenance creatine supplementation, 3-5g daily is best, but this can increase depending on muscle mass. 

How much will creatine increase my bench?

The results can significantly vary per person, though creatine can still provide the benefits of helping to increase bench strength. For example, this study showed that bench strength improved by 5% for college football athletes. 

Should you take creatine for calisthenics?

Popularly used in bodybuilding and powerlifting, creatine is also a great addition to calisthenics. Heavily researched, creatine has been consistently shown to improve performance and strength. Studies have also revealed that creatine promotes positive ergogenic effects for high-intensity exercise. 

Will creatine help me do more consecutive pushups?

Whether you can do consecutive pushups is entirely up to you, but creatine can be a beneficial boost to support your efforts! This supplement enhances athletic performance, energy, and strength, so you can work on hitting more consecutive pushups. 

Does creatine make you jump higher?

Creatine has been consistently shown to improve athletic performance. In studies, creatine was revealed to improve jumping and sprint performance. This is a desirable benefit for many athletes looking to enhance their athletic performance for their sport.

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