Exploring the Benefits of Creatine for Weight Loss

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Is creatine good for fat loss? Should you take creatine for weight loss? Creatine and weight loss together are often overlooked, even though this supplement can provide numerous benefits during a person’s fat loss journey. This article will detail how creatine supplementation can support fat or weight loss efforts. 

Quick Takeaway:

  • Creatine can be a productive supplement during fat or weight loss efforts, though more studies need to be done to cement the connection between creatine and fat loss efforts. 
  • Taking creatine supplements can help reduce body fat percentage, enhance exercise performance, and support the maintenance of lean muscle mass during weight loss. 
  • Other things like creating a caloric deficit, resistance training, and following a well-balanced nutritious diet should be the focus to support fat loss rather than relying on creatine supplementation alone. 

Is Creatine Good for Weight Loss – The Honest Truth

Creatine's positive impact on shedding pounds
Creatine's role in weight loss
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For many, fat reduction or weight loss are some of the most consistent fitness goals. From our survey responders, 39% have taken supplements for weight or fat loss, while 19% have taken them in the past. 

So, can creatine help you lose weight? Is there a magical creatine appetite suppressant that helps with weight loss? Creatine can be beneficial for losing weight, but more research is needed regarding its effects on decreasing food intake and promoting fat loss. 

Research has confirmed creatine supplementation’s benefits of fat reduction when paired with resistance training, but more studies need to be done to determine how exactly creatine supports this process. The hypothesis is that this fat loss is promoted because creatine influences energy expenditure, fat bioenergetics, and metabolism. 

Creatine Weight Loss Benefits

Does creatine speed up metabolism? Is creatine effective for muscle gain and fat loss? Consuming creatine monohydrate can support weight loss efforts. However, the benefits of creatine are many, so let’s dive into how this supplement can support weight loss.

Supports Lean Muscle Mass

Taking a creatine supplement can be just the help you need to achieve progress to reach your body composition goals. 

Creatine promotes muscle growth when combined with resistance training by stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Creatine’s role in increasing muscle mass can also help maintain skeletal muscle during a caloric deficit and promote progress in body recomposition efforts. 

Improves Exercise Performance

Improved athletic performance is one of the added benefits people reap when they consume creatine. Its stimulation of ATP production moves to muscle cells to boost muscle strength and, therefore, muscle endurance for enhanced athletic performance. 

These attributes are important during one’s weight or fat loss journey. In a caloric deficit, energy levels drop, which can affect performance in workouts and motivation to get to the gym. The benefits of creatine’s energy production can boost motivation and provide the fuel necessary to perform well in the gym to promote skeletal muscle mass gains and reduced body fat. 

Promotes Fat Loss

Creatine supplementation can reduce body fat percentage, a desirable benefit for individuals looking for added progress in their weight or fat loss journey. Rather than burn fat mass, creatine’s support of lean muscle mass maintenance simultaneously provides fat loss benefits during body recomposition efforts paired with weight training and a caloric deficit. 

The Drawbacks of Creatine for Weight Loss

Do creatine and belly fat loss coincide with each other? Is it worth taking creatine supplements for weight loss? Choosing to take creatine for weight loss can have its benefits, but like any supplement, there are some potential drawbacks to be made aware of. 

Water Weight Gain

One of the unwanted effects of creatine is water weight gain. Initially, many assume they gain weight or body fat when starting creatine supplementation, but this is often due to water retention instead. 

Creatine causes fluid retention that often disperses for most individuals after a few weeks after beginning supplementation. Some individuals may find that the water retention lasts longer. 

Increased Weight

Another side effect is unwanted weight gain. Creatine helps increase muscle mass, which can contribute to more weight on the scale. 

It’s important to understand that there’s a difference between fat loss and weight loss. Many people mistakenly say they want to lose weight but instead want to lose fat. Supporting lean muscle mass, whether it be maintenance or growth, is vital for promoting healthy and ideal changes in body composition.

When losing weight, preserving lean muscle mass is crucial for reducing health risks like sarcopenia, which can impair muscle function and raise the risk of injury. Though creatine supplementation can cause weight gain, this is primarily due to water retention or improvements in muscle growth, which may be a drawback for some. 

Tips for Using Creatine to Lose Weight

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Want to know how to lose fat while taking creatine? Everyone’s weight loss journey is different, and there tends to be a lot of trial and error. Here are some tips for using creatine to lose weight that can promote success on your weight loss journey! 

Incorporate Creatine and Resistance Training for Weight Loss

Creatine supplementation combined with resistance training can indirectly support weight loss efforts. 

Lifting weights has been thoroughly studied for its effects on weight, body composition, and health. Studies have shown that a combination of resistance training and a caloric deficit is more effective at reducing body fat percentage than subjects that did not utilize these two methods. 

Another study examined the effects of resistance training and creatine supplementation on fat mass in adults. Results revealed a small yet significant reduction in body fat percentage. 

Focus on Creatine-Rich Meats

Creatine is naturally synthesized within the human body by three amino acids and two enzymes. The creatine stores can also be replenished or boosted through means other than dietary supplements by incorporating a balanced diet of amino-rich foods.

Consuming meats containing creatine can help improve creatine levels, build lean muscle mass, and promote fat loss for active individuals. For vegetarians and vegans who do not eat meat, consuming a healthy diet of amino acid-rich foods can encourage greater production of creatine within the body to support these goals. 

Combine with a Caloric Deficit 

One of the most consistent methods to decrease fat mass is through a combination of resistance training and a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit can result in fat, muscle, and weight loss if not approached correctly. 

Combining resistance training with the proper protein intake during a caloric deficit will promote fat loss and reduce muscle mass loss. Creatine supplementation can better support the maintenance of lean muscle mass and promote fat loss. 

Creatine or No Creatine for Weight Loss – The Verdict

Now that we’ve reached the end of the article, does creatine help you lose weight to promote success? 

Gaining weight through fat accumulation can be rough, especially if you don’t know where to start or if other methods haven’t worked. One of the most tried and true methods of supporting weight and fat loss is increasing energy expenditure, resistance training, and emphasizing a caloric deficit. 

Creatine supplementation can be productive in supporting lean muscle mass, speeding up recovery, and boosting energy levels throughout your weight loss ventures. It even provides some fat loss benefits that can be just the extra boost you need to hit your goals. 

Creatine may not necessarily be the magical fat loss touch you’re searching for. Still, it can promote more significant results in body recomposition efforts of maintaining lean muscle mass while losing fat. 

Top Creatine Supplementation Recommendations

Taking creatine supplements can support lean muscle mass and even help you lose body fat. Take your pick of these top creatine supplement recommendations proven to contain the highest quality ingredients to support your health and fitness goals! 

Elm & Rye Creatine

Elm & Rye Creatine Packet


Presenting the highest quality creatine supplements, Elm & Rye has committed its brand to sustainability efforts and customer satisfaction. Each product is third-party tested to guarantee satisfaction and quality. And they didn’t stop there!

Customers can take their pick of a creatine capsule or powder to best suit their preferences in supplements. Each form of supplement is guaranteed to promote benefits in muscle growth, recovery, athletic performance, and even fat loss.


  • Contains sustainably sourced ingredients
  • This supplement is free from:
    • Gluten
    • Sugar
    • Milk
    • Eggs
    • Fish
    • Crustacean shellfish
    • Tree nuts
    • Wheat
    • Peanuts
    • Soybeans 
  • Each batch is tested in a third-party lab
  • This product promotes:
    • Lean muscle mass
    • Muscle recovery
    • Energy 
    • Better athletic performance 
  • Featured by Forbes, Men’s Journal, & The Salt Lake Tribune 


Elm & Rye Creatine CapsulesSingle Pack (30 Servings)$44.99
Elm & Rye Creatine GummiesSingle Pack (60 gummies)$64.99
Elm & Rye Creatine Powder450g/1lb$44.99

Bottom Line

Take your pick of the highest quality creatine by purchasing Elm & Rye’s creatine. Having options can be a game-changer in your supplemental routine. From taking capsules while traveling to using a powder to add to your favorite protein smoothie or taking a gummy when you want a little treat, Elm & Rye has created creatine supplements to keep life interesting and the progress coming! 

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB Bottle


If you like powdered supplements, you’ll love Transparent Lab’s Creatine HMB Powder! 

Dedicated to quality and zero hidden or artificial ingredients, Transparent Labs has mastered the art of supplements. A fine example of this is their creatine powder, offered in various deliciously tasty flavors to wow your taste buds while simultaneously promoting the benefits of creatine. 


  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial coloring
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Gluten-free & Non-GMO
  • There are many delicious flavor options to choose from, including:
    • Blue Raspberry
    • Hawaiian Splash
    • Peach Rings
    • Sour Grape 
  • It incorporates the widely researched creatine monohydrate for its incredible health benefits
  • Benefits from this supplement include:
    • Increased endurance
    • Enhanced strength
    • Promotes lean muscle mass 


Transparent Labs Creatine HMB297g/0.65lbs$49.99
Transparent Labs Creatine HMB297g/0.65lbs$89.99

Bottom Line

There’s nothing quite like quality, flavor, and benefits in one supplement. Get ready to upgrade your supplement routine, excite your taste buds, and promote progress in your weight loss journey with Transparent Labs’s creatine powder! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does creatine suppress your appetite?

Creatine is not linked with appetite suppression, though some individuals have stated that they’ve begun eating less since starting creatine supplementation. Research suggests that creatine concentrations in the brain may cause a decrease in food intake, but this finding has not been cemented. 

Can you lose fat while taking creatine?

Losing fat with creatine supplementation is plausible. It does not promote the most significant fat loss effects, but it does promote some fat loss benefits when combined with resistance training. 

Is it okay to have creatine while losing weight?

Yes, taking creatine supplements while losing weight is acceptable. It’s important to note that water retention is a common side effect of creatine supplementation, which may initially come across as weight gain, so keep this in mind when taking creatine. Typically, fluid retention from creatine supplementation disperses after a few weeks. 

Can creatine help with belly fat loss?

Creatine does not target belly fat. Instead, this supplement can promote fat loss by increasing energy expenditure and supporting lean muscle mass. It’s not a save-all fat loss product, as increasing energy expenditure combined with a proper high-protein caloric deficit will improve fat loss.

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